I am very fortunate to have found Jeff. I have worked with trainers for the past 15 years and am very particular about whom I choose to train with. He has helped me train through the rehabilitation of a lingering injury as well as given me an overall assessment to best determine where my true physical fitness needs reside. I have enjoyed working on different muscles and different techniques to help increase my overall fitness. I appreciate that I can be put through a low-impact but extremely challenging muscular workout one day and the next day a physically exhausting high intensity workout. I also recently joined the Belleon 6-week Bootcamp which is not only a great program but it has exposed me to many of the trainers at Belleon as well as the Belleon Gym classes. The staff at Belleon are all extremely friendly, knowledgeable, personable, in-shape and make you feel welcome into the studio. The classes are fun while intense and always draw a hard working group of people who are motivating to train beside. I would highly recommend Jeff Bell and Belleon for all for your fitness needs. You won’t be disappointed!


Miller is a phenomenal trainer—not just because he gets you ripped—but because he has a warm and upbeat candor that works. I’m now excited to go to the gym, and Miller’s welcoming attitude has made me feel like I’m part of a bigger community at Belleon. Now both my husband and I (and sometimes our dog) come regularly, and we really consider Miller—and others at Belleon—real friends! Can’t recommend this place enough.


Belleon Body is an excellent place for me to train my high end clients. The space is large, clean and up to date with the best equipment. Jeff and Carlos have a high standard of excellence and I am very happy calling Belleon home for my business. The location in central Chelsea is also very convenient for my business. Easy access to transportation. I couldn’t be happier at Belleon Body. It’s serious training with a professional environment. Jeff was an integral of my education and experience of becoming the personal trainer I am today. I learned and thrived under his teaching and support. I have been loyal to him because of this and because of his great training studios throughout the my career, especially Belleon’s current studio.


I found Belleon’s 6-week transformation program online and joined because I thought it was a great deal. In the end, the program ended up being even better than I expected. The instructors are super attentive and the classes are tough and dynamic. I was in awesome shape by the end and totally addicted to Belleon. I especially loved working with Miller and Jeff, who helped push myself while also teaching me the right techniques.

Jon B.

What I admire most about Carlos is his own personal dedication to health and wellness — his lifestyle. Carlos teaches you a discipline for proper nutrition, fitness, and, most importantly, dedication. Training with Carlos is inspiring because he follows it. He will often say to me, “I have great workout for you today. I just did it myself.” Your customized workout is designed before each session based on the goals you set forth mixed with what he believes you are capable of. He provides you with basic exercises that are incredibly challenging under his method. In an industry saturated with “get fit quick” trainers, what distinguishes Carlos is his own elite physical conditioning, as well as, a long and successful body of work training athletes, celebrities, models, or, anyone who wants to get in really great shape. Carlos is the best kept secret for personal training in New York..