Belleon Body workouts are both fun and varied. Private workouts wether it is virtual or in person, begins with a comprehensive fitness assessment. We customize your training program to meet your body, fitness level and lifestyle.

Belleon Body trainers have unique skill-sets, styles and areas of expertise to personal training. We work with our clients to reach their unique goals through individualized attention and strategies.

Our personal trainers individually and collectively provide a wide range of fitness services, from corrective exercises and injury rehabilitation to functional training, general fitness and strength training, sports performance, pre and post-natal, weight loss, fat burning, HIIT training, boxing and kickboxing, agility training, exercise programming for autoimmune disorders, chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia, training for older adults and much more!

Schedule Your free Assessment With One of Our Expert Trainers

Assessment includes the following:

  • Intake Form and Discussion of Goals and Health History,
  • Postural and Movement Assessments,
  • Fitness Testing,
  • Body Weight and Fat Composition,
  • Short 1-on-1 Workout

Private 60min Workout
Single = $150

  • 10 Sessions = $1,400
  • 20 Sessions = $2,500

Private 30min Workout
Single = $85

  • 10 Sessions = $800
  • 20 Sessions = $1500